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Why It's Broke: Rosario + Vampire (Part 1)

Rosario + Vampire seems to have a promising premise: Tsukune Aono, your average everyday high school nobody, is accidentally transferred to a all demon high school called Yokai Academy. There he meets and befriends some cute monster girls who fight for his affection.

The girls are Moka, a ditzy vampire girl with a split personaliy; Kurumu, a show-offy succubus with big... cushions; Yukari, a little spunky witch girl; and Mizore A Yuki-onna (Snow Fairy) who likes to stalk people.

This all sounds rather promising at first glance. It's sounds kinda Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School in ways if it were a harem comedy/action anime. How awesome could that be?

But, this turns out to be anything but awesome. It wasn't a fun, harem comedy with monster girls, instead I got a disturbing, confusing show with little story and verges on being softcore porn.

The show’s premise is ruined by sloppy writing, annoying characters and what had to be one of the worst fictional school systems I've ever heard of. It was nothing more than a huge letdown for me, since I like the whole "Monster School" idea.

Now, I know the manga is different so, but I haven’t read it yet. So I’ll only be judging the first season of the show in this article, Capu 2 will be an article on its own.

Now on to the broken bits. Because of its length, this will be put in increments.

1. Gratuitous Panty Shots

This kind of stuff is okay every once and a while for fanservice in these kinds of shows, but in this one it just shows them WAY too much. There are rarely any moments in this entire show where some girl ISN’T shoving their butts to the camera.

It makes you really wonder what kind of dress code would allow these girls to wear their 2 inch long skirts. That's kinda pushing it for even Japan.

What's particularly interesting about this is that the official staff blog stated that each writer's meeting for the show involves serious discussions of character panties. So for the show's logic is: Panties > Story.


2. The School Doesn’t Care About The Children

This school has to be one of, if not the biggest problem in the show in general. The school is poorly regulated or supervised as they let teenage monsters run around doing whatever they want. You know what the result of this is?

Hormone crazed monster teens roaming the school fighting and potentially killing one another. Heck! One episode I'm pretty sure a bunch of teens got killed! A mermaid and her sea friends did a song and dance number before eating a bunch of guys in the school pool.Now, I’m not sure if this actually killed them but I think shriveling someone’s body, human or youkai (in most cases), would kill them. If it didn't, it just turned them into jerky.

Even if this didn’t kill them I think turning your schoolmates into beef jerky would be a horrible offense in the eyes of the school. However, the same mermaid character appears a few episodes later to give us another gratuitous butt/panty shot. I’m just surprised they’re still trying to pass her off as attractive when we see her form is...


Good luck making HER look attractive again!

3. The School’s Staff is Corrupt

As bad as the students are, the staff is worse. Not only do they not care in the slightest about the student's safety, but they tend to hurt and abuse the students themselves.

What am I talking about? Well, a good number of teachers and general staff members don’t mind hurting and exploiting students for petty reasons. For example, the student body president wants to kill and eat Yukari, a 9 year old little witch because she has an inferiority complex. Now I wasn’t sure if he was a student or a staff member, considering he’s the student president. But I’ll say he’s not a student because looks 40 years old and like Tommy Wiseau.

Another very good example is when Tsukune is taken to tutoring by Ms. Kagome, a rather skimpy teacher math teacher who dons an S&M outfit and whip for her night tutoring classes.

She will freely beat you into submission, make you bleed and drain you of your freewill, thought and emotions if you happen to have a friend who made a study guide for you.

The best example is when Mizore attacked a teacher and they were ready to expel her from the school. Turned out that the teacher was trying to molest her and they had photographic evidence of him doing it in his tentacle form. His punishment for this was… nothing. He still works there all the same and isn't even removed from the kids.

You know, this would be fine and all if this was acknowledged in the story and actually presented as a problem to be solved in the show. However, we’re expected to swallow all the corruption and carelessness as acceptable by the demon standards.

Well, I’m sorry but the demons don’t seem to be different from people in any substantial way in the show. I’m sure their parents wouldn't accept this as normal, especially since most monsters have lived in the human world under human school standards.

It really makes you wonder where the Demon Police or Monster Police or something are to shut down the place.

The closest we have to any law enforcement The Public Safety commission, which is pretty much the show's equivalent to safety patrol officers. However, they are more like a corrupt mob that beats up and exploits students for money and they can execute students.

Yes, you heard me. The people who should be giving you late passes can execute you. Now, that's a big pill to swallow, even with all the BS that goes on In this school. I've never heard of a school that would allow any form of capital punishment. Which gives me the perfect segue to my next point.

4. Executed: No Humans Allowed

So this is a school for teenage monsters to go to so they can not only be educated but learn how to live with humans in the human world. Many of these demons have lived with humans all their life up to this point. Whether they have positive or negative feelings on them is not so much the point, but they are there to learn how to get along with humans.

So with this in mind, why should the rule of the school be that if any human enters they will be killed? What sense does that make in the slightest? Hey guys! You have witches and a variety of magic beings that could just alter or erase their memories of the place. You could do that instead of killing them!

If this wasn't baffling enough, they hold public executions of students they find out to be humans. They tie them to a cross and burn them alive in front of the entire student body in a school of demons who are supposed to learn to live with humans.

Doesn't burning a human alive in spite and anger in front of everyone defeat the purpose of the school? Wouldn't that inspire more intolerance and hatred of humans if you did that?

I mean, geez. If the guy hasn't told after all that time they could have given him a break or try to keep him hostage so he wouldn't tell or something. Have mercy!

Part 2 coming soon

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